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Case 006 - Patellar groove replacement


A four years old male pug, named Rio was presented to us because of chronic left hind limb lameness. During the clinical examination dog seems playful, but very lame (grade III) on the left hind limb. 

On the orthopedic examination, some muscle atrophy was present and once the knee wasflexed, the patella was tracking over the medial trochlear ridge without being able to luxate completely on the medial side. Also the patella was found very loosened when it was going over the medial trochlear ridge. Some crepitus  was noticed and obvious discomfort was shown from the animal during flexion and extension of the knee. No other abnormal signs were detected during orthopedic and neurological examination.
 A radiographic examination was performed as the next step. 

Since the diagnosis is very clear, here are a couple of answers to answer.

What radiographic views would you consider as important for further investigation of patellar luxation?

-    medial to lateral view of the femur with hip joint included, knee joint and the proximal tibia
-    antero-posterior view of the femur
-    antero-posterior view of the tibia
-    axial view of the femur
-    skyline view to evaluate the patella and the trochlear groove

What radiographic abnormalities would you expect in medially subluxating patella in  a chondrodystrophic breed dog?

-    distal femoral varus
-    external femoral torsion
-    external tibial torsion
-    patello-femoral degenerative joint disease

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