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Participants preferably have already attended an AOVET Principles and Advanced Course as familiarity with instrumentation and techniques will be assumed. Good experience in orthopedic surgery is strongly recommended given the course content. Those participants with a good understanding of AO principles and who are involved in fracture management procedures in their clinical practice will benefit the most from this course. Continue reading
This course is scheduled on 30.3.2017 in Zagreb, Croatia. For surgeons familiar with orthopedic surgery using plates and screws, Intrauma is pleased to offer a practical course on fracture repair. The course will introduce delegates to the principles of case selection, planning, and performing plating fixation using Fixin locking system and allows participants to experience the procedure on plastic bone models. The course outline introduction to the Fixin locking system, classification of fractures, fracture assessment, preoperative planning from radiographs in large, small, toy dogs and cats, practical exercises performed on plastic bone models and complications. Continue reading
This course is scheduled on 18.2.2017 in Zagreb, Croatia, and is dedicated to those practitioners that intend to improve their knowledge in veterinary orthopedics. Juvenile orthopedic diseases are a common cause of discomfort and lameness in young dogs. Continue reading
The dates have been set for December 10. 2016, the Seminar wil take place at the Hotel Topolšica, Topolšica, Slovenia. Better HURRY with registration. As the number of seminar participants limited, please register for the seminar early. We look forward to working with you and meeting at the Seminar ! Continue reading

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The membership of the society is comprised to veterinarians, particularly those who are interested in orthopaedics and traumatology.
Members can also be people of other professions which are closely connected to the science of orthopaedy and traumatology.